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During your consultation with the Doctor it may be decided to refer to the hospital for further investigation.

The practice uses the Choose & Book system to arrange routine and urgent appointments and the staff will discuss your choices at the time of referral.

You will be provided with a print out of your appointment at the time of booking.

Please make sure the practice has your up to date address and contact details as wrong information may delay your referral.

Two week target referrals

If the doctor refers you under the two week target rule it is for a specific reason and this should be discussed with the GP at the time of referral. Please the information below provided by Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group:-

Whilst GPs diagnose and treat many illnesses sometimes they may need to send you to see a hospital specialist. This could be for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Your GP feels your symptoms need further investigation
  • Treatment your GP has already prescribed has not been effective
  • Your tests have shown some abnormal results. Your GP may refer you for what is called a “2 Week Urgent Referral”. This is specifically to get an appointment within 2 weeks with a specialist to check whether your symptoms indicate that you may have a cancer.
  • Usually your GP will either send your details urgently to the appropriate hospital department and that department will contact you with an appointment.
  • Sometimes your GP will be able to make an appointment for you at a local hospital while you are at the surgery.

Your urgent referral (2 week scheme)

What does it mean to be referred urgently?

  • The hospital will give you an appointment as soon as possible, usually within a week. This may mean there is only a limited choice of appointments available. Please make every effort to fit in with the date they offer you.
  • It is important that you go to your appointment – don’t put it off.
  • If you can’t attend your appointment, please contact the clinic as soon as you as you can to organise another urgent appointment. The clinic’s number will be on the letter which they send to you.
  • Make sure your GP has your correct address and contact details including your  mobile/daytime telephone number.
  • Please contact the Practice, if you have not heard from the hospital after 1 week.
  • Please try not to worry too much. Very few patients referred under the two-week scheme will have a cancer but it is important to find out so any treatment required can be started straight away.

What do you need to do? Need further help?

You can find information and support from the following organisations

Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group




Telephone: 0808 808 0000

Cancer Research UK


Tel: 0808 800 4040