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Community Link Worker

A Community Link Worker is a member of your GP Surgery Team and provides advice and support on any social issues affecting you, on local services and community-based groups and activities. The Service has worked alongside your GP Surgery since 2015 and continues to successfully support thousands of Wigan residents to find the advice and support they need.

A Community Link Worker can support you with any social issues that are affecting health and wellbeing, for example: money worries, debt, benefits and welfare, unemployment, social isolation, bereavement or housing, to name a few.

Coronavirus Support: The Community Link Worker Service is continuing to work alongside GP Surgeries, offering advice and support during the Coronavirus outbreak restrictions. The team can provide general advice on how to keep yourself safe and well.

Mental Wellbeing: If you are feeling low and are concerned about your mental wellbeing, a Community Link Worker has time to listen to any concerns you may have, and will work with you to help you feel better and will also connect you to local services, groups or activities.

Referral criteria: Over 18 years old and be registered with a GP in the Wigan Borough.

The team are currently providing telephone or video-link interventions and would be happy to speak with you.

If you would like an appointment with a Community link worker please call 01942 836963 (normal network rates apply).

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